What People say about Gavin...

Leanne Ludemann


I feel compelled to write this testimonial regarding the Belief Reset Clearing Program.


My husband and I are sailing around Australia. All my thoughts when I left were that I wanted to do this to feel a sense of freedom. This was not happening for me. What I was feeling was very un-centered, like I was outside of myself.  I couldn't focus on anything and almost felt like I was in this confined glass bowl constantly looking out but not feeling like I could really embrace all that I have been experiencing.


Since doing the Life Reset Program (4 days) I have experienced major shifts from within. I am more centered; I am more focused, calmer, have a knowing that I am not alone, and am so much more connected to my   Higher Self …and this is only day 4. My heart feels so much lighter and I feel like I could fly at times.  I feel like I am on a journey of self-love. Real self-love where you feel empowered from within.


Don't question .....just do it. You are worth it.

Sharon Richards


Hi Gavin

Thank you so much for your Belief Reset Clearings what a wonderful work you have developed. must say I had personally done so much work around clearing programs and beliefs in me and felt I hadn’t really touched the surface, nothing was really shifting in a hurry.I had got to a point in my life where I was at a cross road and felt no joy, no passion for anything.My experience from     doing this Belief Reset Program was an instant energetic shift and continual shift even after I had finished the program (although I will continue with it hereafter).

 The 3-4 weeks I have dedicated on this program has seen many wonderful changes not only in me and my beliefs and behaviours but outwardly as well. now feel more joy and passion for life again and certainly a feeling of being more connected.So much so, I am now on board learning to be a mentor with this wonderful program to help others.I wonder what other possibilities are in store for me and anyone else that considers taking this program.

Bring it on !

Blessings to you Gavin,         Sharon

Libby Raymond

Hi Marita,

I just wanted to let you know how I'm going with Gavin's    amazing techniques ...but so simply sublime techniques ...

I am now into phase 2 and I must say I feel different.  It's like something has been removed .... But I have to say that in day 2 of phase 1 after listening to the music all night I had massive diarrohea ... A good thing for a constipated person... Right!!

But it's just not the release its like nothing matters any more ... Less stress .. It just doesn't matter...

This is very unique for me as I was always a worrier always only in my head ..thinking ..planning ... Now it's just like letting it flow ..  Can't wait to see what phase 3 brings

Thanks Gavin for sharing.

Love Libby.

Susan Rennie


Hello Gavin

I have been doing the Belief Reset Program for just on 10 days and I am so excited with the changes/shifts that have been occurring for me.

I had a major block with feeling that any work I did was a waste of time.  I was able to clear the first block  … but not the second block.   The next major block was having the rug pulled out from under me.

I am over the moon with the ease in which these blocks can be dissolved.

Thank you Gavin for creating and sharing this program.

Blessings,    Susan Rennie

Leanne Clingan


There are some things that you cannot buy and with this Belief Reset Program I have felt the support and unconditional love from Marita.  Not only am I now on a voyage of truly finding myself, I am finding the true essence of who I am with the source.


I am and will always be grateful to this program for setting my spirit free to sing again, to love again, to find the me I never thought possible.


Don't have doubts, just do the reset, your life will change. You will find the wholeness and the beauty of your being.

Love Leanne

Robert Boyd


For me,  I have a new stirring of intention and action, I am also looking closely at my five senses in particular my sense of smell and eyesight both of which have  faded over the latter years. Several days ago I was able to read some fine print without glasses, and I could smell the subtle scent of ozone from my ozone machine situated in another part of the house.For me these are significant changes from my previous belief that fading faculties are accepted as simply a part of ageing.

Congratulations Gavin I feel very privileged to be part of this program albeit in its early stages.           Your contribution to the vibrational rise of the planet is awesome.

Robert Boyd

Sandra Barnsley

Hi Gavin,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The Life Reset   program you have put together. It is absolutely life     changing. I have been doing it for about 10 days and have already noticed shifts occurring in my life. The simplest way I can put it is I am more ME.

The work I did with you yesterday was amazing. I had a block on money which was stopping me moving forward and after a few minutes working with you it had gone.   Nada, nothing, zippo!! It was like flipping a switch it was that profound. I now have my passion for life back. I am energised and I feel like I am in the flow. In fact the money has already started to flow in. Soooooooo Cool!! I am very grateful that you have shared your work.

Much love xx

Sandra Barnsley


I received the Program from Gavin Ashley’s “The   Belief Reset” on Tues 21st July.   I found immediately I was drawn into the energy of both the images and the music.

For me the images became non static pulsing sources of energy which I felt in the brain, heart and solar plexus.

a musician I have my own personal standards as a critic (or not), Needless to say the backing music in the “Belief Reset” program is an awesome      meditative piece which can be played with or without the images to the advantage of the listener.However the all important meditative combination of images and sound to which it is intended is an amazing      energy source on a high vibrational level.

Marita Mason


For the past 3 weeks 3 weeks I have been doing Gavin Ashley’s Belief    Reset Program.  What can I say??  I thought I was really happy with how my life was, but there was way more. After Phase 1, I felt so different—much lighter, freer and happier, but now it’s like I don’t even have a past— just light. I’m not       procrastinating any more and there’s a new skip in my step - I am so friggin excited—not only for myself, but also that it is making such a great difference in the lives of the people I love—and many others who are drawn to this wonderful work.  .

Gavin has obviously been Divinely Guided to cover so much ground in this program—the mind boggles with what is actually going on through simply taking in the energy of the Mandalas and listening to the extraordinary music.  ,,,,Sky’s the Limit!

And to top it all off—Gavin is training me as one of his         Mentors.  The techniques to release blockages etc. are having such profound and almost instant results.  WOOHOO.

Thanks Gavin.  I love you sooo much!!       Marita

Sue Rusalen



Dear Marita.                                                                                                                                      

My beautiful friend Leanne recommended I just do this "belief  reset", and I trusted her.       And So I did.

To be honest I have done a lot of transformation work in the past, and as much as I like transformation work,  I can be sceptical of my results as I feel I can exaggerate those results, trying to convince myself they have worked for me.  I am a great believer of meditation but I can honestly say I have never found any meditation work that has been soooo simple and sooooo effective.


Within 24 hours of my first Mentoring session with Marita, I raced home to tell her a few things.

1.   I had just  found a solution to a major problem which has been ongoing in my professional life for more than 6 years. [too long and difficult to explain] But a massive result.

2.   I had energy which I have not felt for an extremely long time [Maybe 20 years or more] It was my Wednesday afternoon off and I would normally have collapsed on my bed for an hour or two, but had sooo much energy which I continued to pour into my second job until 9 pm that night.

3.   I had discovered that I had earned more than $13,000 in commission for my second job which is only for 8 hours per week, and which I have only held for one month. [I didn't think Money has been an issue for me and not something I had meditated on] .. My goal for the YEAR with that second job is $20k for doing 8 hours work per week.


Oh MY gosh.    Onto today…. I cleaned my office...  completely ...removing junk from the past 7 years. [My 2 IC said I was spiritually cleansing! ] I could not stop!  I visited my parents after work and did not get involved in any of their drama, just saying " I'll leave you two lovebirds alone!' [normally I would be in defence of my mum correcting all the wrongs in her world which were caused by my father, and then left in a huff]


I came home and put on an audio MP3 lecture into my headphones, and proceeded to clean my Kitchen  from top to bottom - floors , doors, benches . fingerprints , attended to all my emails and then made more work calls,  cleaned out my pantry and sat down to write this testimonial.   It is 9pm.   I made my bed , and did 2 loads of washing.  My temptation to view facebook has vanished.. today anyhow..


I know some of these 'achievements' seem very simplistic.. believe me they're not.   I feel very good..

Thank you ... I am finally on the right path..




Homer King


Hello Gavin,

It’s been over a month and a half now and I am so grateful to take on this journey with you. I remember the hesitation I experienced the first time I contacted you. Actually, I played around with the idea for over a year. I recently had some regret for not contacting you sooner, but I also figured out that I wouldn't of been ready to take on this journey the way I have recently. Due to fear, doubt, and a horrible programmed point of view, I kept delaying my existence to you and to myself. I remember finally surrendering to the idea of a session but it also went against everything I was spiritually fed growing up… well, it was by far the best experience ever! After our session, I had a sense of clarity…something I was struggling in myself to see. Soon there after, a lot of stuff kept surfacing and I automatically knew that I had to face it head on if I ever wanted to live my life. This was something I kept pushing to the side because I didn't feel strong enough or worthy of. With the new sense of clarity, I was able to communicate with God effortlessly. I knew now, that God only wanted good for me. That he only wants us to grow and fulfill the desires he has placed in our hearts.

After the other two sessions, the audio meditation and the imagery, I have been able to cross some very big hurdles. At the beginning, I would second guess everything, but as I kept meditating and reviewing the imagery, I became very aligned. I see God and understand God, in a quantum perspective now. This scared me. As I kept surrendering to self and expanding my meditations, all that was left was love. Love for myself and everyone included.

These sessions have really enhanced by being. Here are a few things I experienced before and after:


- fear

- anxiety over every situation

- doubt

- couldn't leave my house

- depression

- sadness

- worry

- bad relationships

- constant judgement with self…to name a few.


- centered

- spiritually strong

- a lot of clarity

- confidence over my decisions and life

- so much happier about life

- seeing positive in EVERY situation

- my body has dramatically changed for the better

- feeling healthier

- a lot more energy

- drawn to eat healthy foods

- new job opportunities out of nowhere (due to vibration. no doubt)

- lucid dreaming

- manifesting a lot faster these days

- closer and loving relationship with parents

- reaching crazy goals (acceptance into medical school)

and the list goes on. 

Again, thank you for enhancing my life, my talents, my heart, and my vibration! thank you for always being so thorough in your sessions. I will definitely continue working with you, gavin.


Homer King.

James Le Grand

with my presence. Arguments stop, moods are lifted, negativity disappears.

As a martial artist (Master in Shaolin Kungfu), my entire fighting style has completely changed again! I can't call it fighting because there is no concept of resistance. There is nothing to fight, and I have no resistances for another to hold on to. It's really possible, and I'm living it!
I am experiencing an amazing interconnectedness with everything. To know there is no separation is one thing. To experience it, feel it, and live it without effort is truly beautiful. As an example, when people have issues or problems that I hear about, I understand that I hear them because it is something that I, too, must resolve. Everything that comes into my perception is my responsibility at the level of pure consciousness.

There were 2 times this week when I had a thought based on scarcity, and both times, I was almost in a car accident...similar to how my thoughts of scarcity caused my son's car accident last week on Monday with me in the passenger seat. I'm being instructed very strongly never to produce thoughts based on scarcity again. It is no longer who I am. More specifically, it no longer belongs as a part of my illusion of existence as an individual. I now must maintain my connectivity with the highest vibrations of pure consciousness...with that sole focus, everything is taken care of in the perfect way. Thinking, planning, and analyzing are no longer needed. All that matters is this moment. There are no other moments. Said differently, all that matters is the eternal now. That's what remains as my dominant perspective.

I know that I'm still integrating all of the changes made due to the Belief Reset. I also know that there are deeper levels of exposure for me on the horizon. I also know that they will each be exposed to me in the perfect ways and at the perfect times.

Please let me know your thoughts on all of this. It is an amazing way to live...more than I ever imagined and simpler than I ever thought possible. If there is more to do, I'm ready.





2nd Testimonial from James




I feel like a cross between Buddha and Professor X! I guess Yoda is the reference!!

I have a consistently calm mind, providing incredible clarity of thought. I'm in a constant state of higher frequency pure consciousness with no effort. I can produce many manifestations immediately, and I know why others need to wait. I am certain that my #1 purpose for being here is to hold the highest possible frequencies of pure consciousness to affect everything literally. The people around me change with my presence. Arguments stop, moods are lifted, negativity disappears.









Lisa Marie

I am so pleased to write a positive, distinctive testimonial for Gavin and his work. 

Right after we met, I very seriously cut my finger. I had a professional nurse attend to it; she suggested stitches and said I would certainly lose the top of my fingertip. I called Gavin a bit whimsically and said if you could fix this finger, it would really be a miracle.

Please, see the stunning photos within 10 days. My nurse could not believe it.  With no stitches - I am certain Gavin's remote medical healing directly assisted in this noteworthy finger-saving. The pictures help, but honestly, the cut was much worse than the original photo shows.

This gives me even more dedication to take the time it takes for change and participate with expectant positivity in creating my new soul blueprint by clearing my past.