• Gavin D Ashley

What Exactly is Remote Healing?

You know me as an Intuitive healer, but did you know that I also practice remote

healing? The next logical question that may come to mind, what the heck is that? Let me explain.

Remote healing, is a method of energy healing that can be performed at a long distance. I

assure you this is not anything strange or "Twilight-Zoney". In fact, according to Quantum

Physics, we live in a world of energy and healing by bio-energy at any distance is not just

possible, it is also founded in science. Distant healing, is healing performed when the healer is

not present with you, in the same room or general area. No distance is too far. The principles of this practice are similar in notion to the use of any mobile device. We can connect to one

another using our phones or computers over great distances, with the use of number sequences.

The brain works in a similar manner, and can locate anyone, anywhere, using a name or a

photograph. With the physical location of a person removed as a barrier, the entire planet is


We marvel at what mobile phones can do, and the amazing technology behind them – for a

moment, reflect on the wonders of the human brain and how much more advanced it is. When

you do, the concept of accessing the energy system of another person via your brain, doesn’t

seem too far-fetched, or out of the realm of possibility.

Once permission is granted, I can "tap" into the energy system, gather important information

about belief systems and the condition of the physical body. I begin the process of

naturally healing the body, and/or mind. This process of clearing or cleansing is done using

Energy treatments which access the frequency signature of any ailment. I can coherently resonate with a person’s frequency and emit a healing wave or frequency that is opposite to the illness. This inverse energy wave neutralizes the frequency the sickness is

emitting. The person’s body receives the signal, resonates with this new frequency and absorbs this energy as information. Once the ‘ailed’ frequency is neutralized, healing is put into motion.  

Pretty amazing stuff. I thought you’d be impressed. With this revolutionary process we gather

unlimited sources of information, beginning with the body, then we look into the mind and help it get back to its clean and natural state. From there we can heal many health conditions and mental disorders. I’ll bet you are curious now, aren’t you? Give me a call and try a 20 Minute Demo Today!

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