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The Root Cause of Anxiety

When you think of anxiety do you think that it's related to what has happened in your past or what is going to happen and in your future? Its interesting to know that depression is actually something that is characterized by an event that has happened generally in our past but anxiety is worry about the future.

When you think about your own worry how do you feel about how you're managing it currently in life?

If we really reflect on our day to day life we might be worried about things that have not happened more than we realize. This anxiety that we're experiencing is future based and is tying up our emotions, tying up our energy, making us drained and possibly sick.

So, first of all, we definitely want to be more aware of our thoughts and how we are creating a lot of our anxiety out of thin air and for chronic allergy sufferers, they are experiencing a much higher level of what I call brain chatter, this is where the mind is completely overrun with negative or limiting thoughts.

What's causing this? Well, we look at the roots of anxiety. You might be surprised to find that although they are emotions and they're real they're actually rooted in negative belief systems that we have about ourselves or about these situations.

I'll give you an example. Let's say somebody is worried about something that is going to happen in the future. For example like an investment where in the past they have lost money. so they have anxiety and stress around losing money again. So when we worry about something and we have a belief that we are going to lose something then that can create that anxiety in no time flat. So you see in this example our beliefs are creating our reality. This is where our anxiety can either start at a low level and increase or can be very high depending on how strong the belief system is.

So now we are getting to the good stuff..." limiting beliefs" This type of belief systems that we're experiencing is actually powering our anxiety through reactions or what I call a triggers. So when we get triggered our belief systems are off and running in the brain and controlling our behavior. And when they get triggered they actually create these anxiety reactions. These reactions than can go into full-blown anxiety and people can actually experience panic attacks which is an extreme version of anxiety.

Another case in point was a client I was working with recently that whenever she got into a car and drove on the highway she would have extreme anxiety again. Her fear was about something happening in the future. After working with me for a short period of time that anxiety was all but gone. And why was that? Because you can clear beliefs in the mind that were controlling this behavior and change the way she felt about her driving. Simply put you can actually eradicate anxiety in a short period of time when you understand the roots of anxiety and clear belief systems in the brain.

You don't have to suffer anymore. There is another way and its safe, effective, and no more waiting, time for healing. I offer 20 minute discovery session where you will discover exactly why you re feeling this way. Use contact form on site or book here:

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