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The Gavin Origin Story

Updated: May 10, 2018

35; alcoholism and excessive partying; living back in my childhood home. That was me, at the end of my rope, while finding my new beginning. It's uncanny that when we hit the lowest point in our lives, we have two choices, move forward or stay stagnant in a downward spiral. I chose the latter and this is where my journey began.

I was at my lowest when a friend recommended I take a course on 'Intuition'. It wasn't uncommon, for one's close to me, to acknowledge that I had natural intuitive skills. So naturally, this opportunity sounded intriguing. I dove into the material 'head first'. I learned how the mind processed at a deep level, within the subconscious. As I immersed analyzing the subconscious, I found myself taking a keen interest in this process. I found myself, spending every waking moment, devouring material on the subconscious.

When I look back, I am so grateful for the opportunity of living with my parents. I was given a safe and loving environment, while I pursued a life of new opportunities and growth. I spent 15 years working in the technology industry. An industry that collided with my newfound beliefs. I knew my strength was to help clients identify their biggest obstacles and find out their triggers. I found my clients had so much difficulty, identifying and solving their deepest obstacles. Upon numerous sessions of meditation, research and practice, I believed that I had identified the problem; our belief system.

Life coaching, is not a new concept. On any social media outlet, you're exposed to an array of transformational coaches and healers. Most coaches are competent, compassionate human beings, that truly have one goal in mind – to help others. However, I saw a common theme in their practice – they were only immersing their practice into only working with "the conscious" part of the brain. Making 'surface changes', in hopes, they would have lasting effects for change. The fault in this method, "the conscious mind" is only on the very surface and not where all the "real programming" or "limiting beliefs" are, the stuff we really need to clear if we want to change our lives. However, the most priceless treasure of all is our belief systems – a chain of interlocking beliefs that dictate how we see and interact with the world. Nearly everything we do, see or think, can be traced back to our belief systems. This is where all of our setbacks and challenges can be found, as well as the solutions.

The Brain Detox Program, is a method I have created and executed on numerous clients, to help access their belief systems and discover the root cause of their challenges. I explore their beliefs and subconscious, like a set of 'nesting dolls' - layer by layer. From that bottom level, I can assist my clients, to understand the root of their setbacks, for continual change. The good news is: change is rapid and continuous.

Upon leaving my family home, I found myself immersing myself in travel, for research. I began in Toronto, but ventured to California to explore my studies. As I educated myself on the subconscious, and applied these principles on my existing clients, my hypothesis reigned true- troubles lied in the trapped belief system.

If you're new to holistic healing principles, I encourage you to read my testimonials, FAQ, or contact me for more information. "There is nothing to lose and everything to gain"

-Gavin Ashley

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I am an intuitive healer. As a young child, I realized I had this unique ability. As I grew older, it became apparent that I could use my gift to help people. I discovered I could access people’s energy remotely (from anywhere in the world), scanning their body to find physical and emotional blockages. Once detected, I work with people one-on-one to clear those blockages, therefore enabling them to become the best version of themselves along with becoming more powerful and motivated with their life! My work over the years has given me great joy by enabling people to be their best self. Best of all, they will be healed from the comfort of their own home without ANY physical appointments! Over the many years of my career, it has given me tremendous joy to see my clients evolve and living their best lives!

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