• Gavin D Ashley

No Time For Therapy?

Time is precious and many find it difficult to master their lives successfully, because there aren’t enough hours in a day – whether in a personal, professional, or mental capacity. You could receive a 90+% improvement on those areas of your life...without ever having to leave your home. Remote healing can alleviate and heal anxiety, depression, and negative brain chatter (to name a few things), that block you from experiencing an incredible and powerful life!

We live in a dynamic world of energy! And we can actually communicate using different energy levels from anywhere in the world. This is not just possible, it is founded in science. By using my training and natural gifts, I connect with the mind and body of another person to address whatever ails them. Like an IT Guru would scan a computer for viruses, I examine what is happening within your body's operating system. This technology allows me to clear away ANY limiting belief FAST and enables you to reach the positive mindset you’ve been seeking. The good news is this can be achieved within 6 weeks!

The principles of my practice are similar in notion to the use of any mobile device. We connect using our phones and computers over great distances with the use of number sequences. The brain works in a similar manner and can locate anyone, anywhere, using a name or photograph. With the physical location of a person removed as a barrier, I can speak with anyone, in any location, and provide incredibly fast results.

Many are unaware that subconscious belief systems are wreaking havoc in their lives and sabotaging the success they are trying to achieve. I can access mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, traumas, and mental challenges without the client ever having to vocalize their pain or rehash traumatic memories from the past. Unlike mainstream psychotherapies, this process can be done with very little talking. Aside from the initial 30-minute consultation, the rest of my work is done remotely! No distance is out of reach. When lack of time is a factor in our lives, this effortless process is a huge bonus.

For more information, feel free to contact me at any time to discuss this opportunity further.


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