• Gavin D Ashley

Is Your Energy Affecting Your Depression?

Did you know your thoughts have a vibrational frequency? Caution: use them wisely!

Depression, tells you lies! It's your job not to get sucked in. Be a fighter! Fight back and become a "positive words" ninja!

Depression, isn't managed by our thoughts alone, it's also managed by active self-care. What are you doing to show your body and your mind love? We have become so removed from nature, that it's truly effecting our body, mind and energy. When you're sad, take a walk. Eat clean! Junk food makes you feel like junk!

If you could see the energy and chakra's of people suffering from Anxiety and Depression, you would be floored! Our society is completely unbalanced. Ground your

d the joy in all seasons.

I know, depression has probably been in your family for generations. Whether it has been professionally diagnosed, or you see the symptoms of diagnosed family members. They could be currently in your life, or from generations before you. Stop the cycle! You can change the future of your life, your children and future generations in your lineage. We need to break free from the agreements with our ancestors. It's our responsibility to ourselves and our family to "change the deck"! Don't pass the energetic "baggage" of your ancestors on to your children and future generations.

Have you heard the saying "Your vibe effects your tribe"? Guess what!? It's true! The people we surround ourselves with, effect our energy and mood. Choose your "Tribe" wisely. They're either contributing to our negative thoughts, or lifting us up. Its your choice to participate in negative dialect, or to redirect the conversation. It takes one person to change the vibration in the room, let it be you!

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