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Is this remote healing stuff even working?

Is this remote healing stuff even working?

Clients often ask, ‘Am I healing, and how do I know?’

There are tell-tale signs that shift is happening. In fact, much of the healing occurs without clients being ‘aware’ it's taking place. Understandably, this might be difficult to comprehend.

Clients often focus on one mindset block and if they don't experience a dramatic shift, they have trouble with the notion that they're still healing.

Let me assure you - everyone receiving distance healing from me is healing.

Many core beliefs are buried deep within the subconscious mind and it can take time before you see a physical or emotional change. During the course of your sessions, these

complex issues heal and physical and emotional shifts begin to take place.

In the meantime, the list below will assist you in understanding when shift and healing has


Possible Signs of a ‘Shift’

You . . .

● Feel more peaceful (for no apparent reason)

● Have more energy

● Feel happier (for no apparent reason)

● Feel lighter

● Your mood is better

● Have less or no pain in an area

● Feel more abundant

● Manifest something

● Feel more relaxed

● React more positively in a specific area

● Yawn several times - this may be a release

● A symptom is less or gone

● Have a behavioral change

● A habit shifts in a positive direction

● Take deep breaths (unconsciously)

● Smile for no reason

● Other positive changes not noted above

Any one or combination of things noted above is a sign that healing has taken place.

Noting these changes (even writing them down) on a daily basis is good practice.

Tips for Helping Yourself Shift

There may be times when you experience symptoms that bother you. Instead of focusing on

what you think is not working or reacting to it, try the following:

● Tell yourself you are healing and moving — because you are

● Do other things that help you relax - shifts can happen faster when you are relaxed

● Do things that are fun - in ways that work for you

Ups and Downs in Your Health

There can be ups and downs during the healing process. Things will get better and then

unexpectedly appear to get worse. Don’t panic! This is a sign of a trigger that

caused a new symptom to emerge, or an old system to reoccur.

Old patterns and issues surface in everyday life. These types of triggers will continue to show up until the ego mind is healed.

The healing process does NOT cause you to get triggered or affect you negatively at all.

So...Be Patient

Your system is healing on deep levels. Everyone is different. Please remember to keep in

touch with me via phone or email to notify me when you feel nothing has happened. I can help!

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