• Gavin D Ashley


Before we delve into having completion and closure in your life, let’s first discuss the concept of being incomplete. What do I mean by that, you ask? In the simplest of terms, it would be the analogy of life as a half-drawn circle. The half-drawn circle is not ‘fully’ formed, and it would be deemed ‘incomplete’, perhaps deficient, or insufficient. Make sense?

Why should you care if things are incomplete in your life? What does that mean and how does that affect you emotionally? From the perspective of your subconscious mind, unless it releases a specific issue, it still holds an emotional burden on your life. For example, if you have lingering issues or are ‘incomplete’ about a past relationship, when you start a new relation those old problems will go into the fresh relationship, producing the same patterns repeatedly.

This can happen with many situations in life where in-completion has occurred, and in ALL these cases, you will have trouble trying to step forward. This challenging pattern shows up in other aspects of our lives; perhaps starting a new business or desiring a healthy body. These negative patterns make it difficult to change behavior.

What would arise if you could go into your psyche and release what is incomplete and come ‘full circle’; closing that half-drawn circle? A great sense of relief will occur when you forgive yourself or the other person, and it will lift the weight of carrying pain and upset. from your mind and heart. 

Imagine what an excessive number of in-completions, over time could do to the quality of your life. Don’t despair. Engaging in my process of clearing, we will train your brain how to clear the burdens, and you will live the life you’ve longed for. Are you ready for this life-changing experience? Are you ready for the shift?

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