What People say about Gavin...

Lynn Levitt


It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Gavin.  I have been working now with Gavin I belive for just over 12 months.  We speak maybe once every few months and every single time we do my life goes to weher I have been struggling to get to on my own.  When I first started with Gavin after being recommended to do so by Amanda Gore, my income was approx 80-100K it’s now arounf the 180K plus mark, more when you include my husband.  My husband and I run our own business and have a few very dedicated clients we work for.  At first I did not realise or completely understand the benefits of working with Gavin but now I see him as an integral part to my Life and work Goals and path for success both personally, professionally and spiritually.  Gavin has the ability without too many words from me to tap into whatever is blocking me and my thoughts, clear them, give me clarity and then the next thing Kaboomb!!  Magic happens.  Sometimes it’s scary sometimes when I don’t think too hard I just run with it and it is truly an amazing experience.


I would highly recommend Gavin for anyone, anytime, anywhere that is in search for greatness, happiness, prosperity and the simple joy of just being alive.



Elizabeth Topor Morici


A Great Reset!!!!



I am blown away by the healing session I recently had with Gavin!

If you are serious about transformation, e.g., becoming the best version of yourself, having the

ability to dive deep within, being able to inquire deep within yourself and “building your intellect”,

you must be able to trust because TRUST plays a crucial role in a healing session. Based on

my intuition, I immediately knew that Gavin was trustworthy. I have to say my decision for his

assistance with the clearing was on point! He was very professional, compassionate about his

work and incredibly knowledgeable. His passion for serving in his highest and best reflected so


During the session, he explained what he was doing, he frequently checked in with me to see

how I was feeling and put my mind at ease. I felt a great sense of peace, comfort and joy during

the session. Here’s one word to describe how I felt... “BLISS!” In addition, I felt a purging

sensation from within, it felt like old, stale energy was being released. Layers of things that no

longer served me were suddenly peeling off.

This experience was truly liberating! As an additional bonus, he even cleansed my electronics,

home, etc. Fascinating right? Some of my children have special gifts. There have been times

when they have actually seen entities outside their bedroom windows. I am so very thrilled to

say, that this is no longer a thing, the entities are gone!

Gavin told me what to expect after our session, and made a point to say that the healing

technique he used is so cool that it is very quick and effective. He also provided me with two

healing audios (very short and relaxing) to listen to twice a day. The great thing about the

healing audios is that you can listen to them at any time. Yay for more peace!

I have to say, the layers are continuing to “peel”! I feel that anything that was lingering came to

my attention with love for my introspection. With the help of the session I dove deep to

understand why I was the way I was and light bulbs went off! Completely off! Truly, truly


Thank you Gavin!

Liz Morici


I am a 28 year old woman from New Zealand. I met Gavin four years ago in

a remote part of Australia and I can say with confidence this man has

helped me change my life for the better. When I first met him I was on the

very start of what would be (and still is) both a challenging and

enlightening spiritual journey. I was suffering from depression and anxiety

at the time and like so many people, a prisoner to my own thoughts and

beliefs. I wasn’t searching for any counsellor or doctor or any quick fixes... I

just needed someone to confide in and who could possibly understand

why I was feeling how I was. That was when I was introduced to him one

day through a mutual friend. I didn’t really understand what the

subconscious mind was about and was highly sceptical at first but after

my first session with him I walked away feeling different somehow. I found

Gavin such a caring, gentle natured and non judgemental person to talk to.

He is an amazing listener and has a gift of putting into words what you are

feeling but can’t express. Working with you on your darkest fears and

insecurities, which you have shoved to the back of your mind, it’s like he

strips the cobwebs away revealing the sunlight. That is exactly how I am

starting to feel these days – lighter and finally free. I am grateful every day

for meeting you and inspiring me to look at life with a new perspective.

Thankyou Gavin x

Jeffery Cook, Michigan, USA

“Hi, Gavin,
I am experiencing a marked improvement in my mood - the overwhelming

feeling of hopelessness and despair has decreased greatly - I can only assume you

have done something?


Thank you
Jeffrey J Cook”


“Hi Gavin,
...The last time we talked I had a problem with getting dizzy for no reason, After the session it completely stopped.



Tim Cline, Arizona, USA:
Gavin, you called me today and told me that you had done the final activation about 12 hours previous and these are the things that were different in the last 12 hours:
1.        I let go of trying to make other people happy,
2.        I am not worried or concerned about what others think of me,
3.        I am not concerned about money.
4.        For some reason I feel more in control of my life and what happens than I was before and before I “thought” it was true, now the feeling is one of “knowing” I am in control of my life.
5.        My energy level is higher and lasts longer.



Gavin's work is one of the most effective and to me, mysterious healing modes I've experienced so far.  As soon as he started working on me I felt a lightness to my energy field.  A subtle balance and centredeness that I hadn't felt before.  Like layers of heaviness and energetic muck had lifted off me already.  Yoga and running became easy for me again like it was in my 20's.  I also felt more present and confident when interacting with my friends.  Then the interesting stuff began when I started to communicate with Gavin specifically about issues that were coming up.  The biggest improvement was my relationship with my partner.  Instead of focusing on what I thought my partners issues were, Gavin suggested that clearing some of the triggers within me that came up in conflict was the most effective way of healing our relationship drama that was occurring.  I really don't know how all this happened but as soon as his clearing work started, my partners energy started to soften.  He was gentler and more self reflective and I found myself being less sensitive in conversation.  Where our interactions would typically spike up into an argument instead remained calm and centred.  Our relationship is FLYING now.  I think clearing my energy field has made people and the world around me respond even more positively towards me.  I look foward to continuing this work...if anything it has shown me how many more things I want to release!  Gratitude and 5 stars.  ;)

Lou P


Hi Gavin

I am going quite well at the moment

I am not so tired all the time and overall energy has improved, which is wonderful !

My police interview was 3 days ago, it was postponed from last week as the detective was off sick

I had severe anxiety last weekend ahead of the interview but I am much better at managing episodes like this now so I let myself have a very quiet, non demanding weekend and I was fine.

The interview went for 2.5 hours and I was exhausted afterwards but have felt fine ever since. The female detective is just great, kind, down to earth and very experienced. I see her again this Friday to complete the first of 3 separate statements.

I am feeling much more in control and empowered at the moment, so much so that I sent off a very honest email to my former manager, very unemotionally expressing my disdain of his poor management and enabling of the bully. It felt great !

No sign of back pain either thank goodness

I feel like I am cleaning house, particularly emotionally speaking. It feels so right to be going through the justice process at this time. Even though it is 50 years ago, it seems to be the right time for me

My kind regards Gavin and thank you for your healing energy



Or more to the point, what back pain !

Lower back pain is gone and I can walk normally. I am thrilled Gavin, thank you

Grateful regards

Louise Paton