Did you know that your body wants to

naturally heal?


  • Are you suffering from chronic pain and have exhausted all your options?

  • Do you dream of a way to get back to peak performance?

  • Are you open-minded in seeking out-of-the-box methods for achieving        your goals?

Health Benefits of the Brain & Body Clearing Program


  • Transform fear and self-doubt into strong self belief

  • Identify the true source of your illness, pain or physical challenge using powerful brain releasing techniques 

  • All self-limiting negative thoughts are released from the body - enjoy maximum health and vitality

  • Enjoy mental clarity and focus through enhanced brain performance

Unless you uninstall negative programs in the brain, you will have difficulty producing the optimal output in your life and manifesting a life of brilliance and abundance. 

Yes, trapped emotions are holding us hostage from creating the life of our dreams.


Are you ready for a profound brain cleansing experience?

REMEMBER: The only thing holding you back from being healthy is miscommunication between your body system and your own natural ability

to heal!


How Does it Work?


The first step is to retrieve data from your brain. This process can bring a wealth of information about your current health condition and what next steps are required for your healing and emotional growth.


Next, a plan of healing will be created from information retrieved from the body and brain scan.


This process DOES NOT REQUIRE the person to be in the same room as I am. Using energy I can tap into the client's energy system (once they have given me permission to do so) from anywhere in the world.


Once access is granted I can tap into the energy system to get information and can begin the process of the natural healing of the body and mind. This process is called clearing or cleansing of the body and mind through the use of Energy treatments. A coherent resonance is reached with the person’s frequency; and I will emit the opposite wave frequency to that which the illness is emitting. This inverse energy wave neutralizes the frequency the disease is emitting. The person’s body receives the signal, resonates with this new frequency, and absorbs this energy as information. Once these frequencies are neutralized, healing is put into motion and the body starts to naturally heal and go back to its original state.


Given the complexity of the body and our sometimes deeply rooted traumas, it can take time to clear completely out of the body. This is not a magic wand and doesn't always happen immediately. When you clear something in the brain, the body needs time to catch up and integrate the changes.



Key Benefits:

  • It is 100% safe

  • There are no supplements or medications you need to buy

  • There are no specials diets required - you can eat your favorite foods

  • Heal the body naturally the way that it wants to heal

  • Zero travel time to weekly appointments - everything is done remotely

As we navigate life we tend to collect different traumas and experiences that stay with us. If these are not properly dealt with they begin to show up in the body and can cause psychological disturbances. Perhaps you've felt that something is not right or you don't feel yourself. But how can you know what the truth is about what is really happening? This is where an intuitive coach can help to look deeper inside to see the truth and what the core problem is.


When we have unprocessed trauma from past relationships, events, or emotional distress, we may feel incomplete or as some might say, “without closure”. Through this process we can make anything complete within the subconscious, giving you the closure you really need.


I see what other people cannot see - what is lying below the surface. You have the opportunity to discover the true meaning of who you are and all your hidden talents, by removing what is blocking you from untapped potential.




It is time to unravel what is our minds to discover freedom from our past. The past no longer exists, therefore there is no need to keep living it over and over again. It is time for a clean slate.


Artists begin with a clean canvas. If we paint over an existing one we can get an unfavorable results. When we are creating our new life, we want to start with one that is clean.


The greatest gift that you can ever give yourself is self-discovery.

Think of your mind like a computer system, one that has some mind viruses or malware running in the background, clogging its system.


Maybe the trash bin has not been emptied and it is blocked with past experiences, limiting beliefs, dramas, and anything that has not been fully processed.


Eventually the system will malfunction and the operating system will be unable to perform its tasks correctly.


Imagine having your mind cleaned of all the junk, all the viruses, all the malware, and you can go back to your default operating system, where true performance happens. Then you can grow and evolve again.



You will receive 30 days of non-stop healing from from me. Tailor made cleanings for your exact situation.


- No more going for endless treatments each and every week to practitioners with only incremental results

- No more spending a fortune on treatment with no end in sight. I am straightforward  on how long it will take to heal your situation

- Imagine being able to clean your organs, cells, detox your body, clear allergies, clear infections and remove 100% of limiting beliefs - all at the same time, without special diets or taking supplements

- With permission I have the ability to enter your energy field for up to 30 days  (perhaps 60 and 90 days if necessary) to clear your mind and body systematically; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- When your subconscious has been lifted from the burden that has been weighing on it for so long, you have more energy, you see more possibility, and you feel freedom of the mind

- Imagine being more connected to family and friends

- Imagine no more drama, baggage, or obsessive thoughts

- All is released and the past is set free

- With less baggage, you have less on your subconscious, less to process on your brain, and more energy, money, and feeling complete about your life

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