How do you naturally heal the body?

Everyone and everything is made of energy and we are linked to each other energetically. When I connect to someone's energy field, it is like me logging into a computer. I receive information that tells me about the person. I can access their beliefs, their traumas, and their past experiences. I am able to also determine the cause of sicknesses and what is reason for 'dis-ease'. I can tap into the origins of mental illnesses and limiting beliefs are holding a person back. In simplistic terms the energy field is like an information super highway, and I'm your experienced 'driver'. When it comes to energy healing, the source of the issue is addressed, not just the symptom. Beliefs and memories are stored in the subconscious mind and can affect us over time; causing us to feel and be unhealthy. There is no separation between body and mind. Our thoughts create our reality. I 'navigate' the roadmap of your mind and create new neural pathways.

Energy fields and neural pathways sounds very complex. How can this be a simpler and quicker way to heal?

Have you thought of a person in your mind, and then unexpectedly they call you? Or have you thought of a song, and then it's the next thing you hear on the radio? It's happened to you, right? In no way is connecting energetically 'out there' in the land of The Twilight Zone. It is measurable, real, and scientifically proven to exist. I have spent years honing this natural gift I've had since my early years. Essentially, when I connect into the energy field of someone, I get messages back - they come to me in the form of words. With my training I am able to drill down, decipher and decode those words, relating them to the emotions. Once I know what the source of the problem is I can begin the process of healing ailments.

What is really happening when you tune into my body and retrieve information?

Everyone has a unique energy signature; kind of like a mailing or email address. I am able to tune into someone's energy field via a photo. Once I see the energy field ,I am able to get information about the person's body and perform remote and distance healing.

When you’re doing the process, and you’re actually tapping into my energy, am I going to feel something?

Some people who are sensitive to energy will actually feel something. A lot of people have told me a tingling sensation. Other people have told me they can feel something just shifting in their body. If you look at it from a subconscious standpoint, subconscious mind has all these information and it wants to tell you exactly what’s going on. So once you tap into that information, you have a wealth of data that comes back at you.

How long is the process?

The length of the process will depend on the condition we are treating and what needs to be healed. For example, some chronic issues are deeply rooted within cells. At that level we are dealing with toxins, beliefs and traumas that have really taken root inside the cellular memory. In order for the person to heal naturally and not be overwhelmed or overload the system, I have to address issues gradually over time.

Some conditions reverse quickly while others can take months. Our planet is shifting and there are many light workers (me being one of them) doing great work. This is good news for you as this means healing can take place at an accelerated rate! The fact that no face-to-face treatments are necessary is an added bonus and significant time saver!

Can any age benefit from your healing?

All ages and genders can benefit from this work. The older we get, the slower the shift can be. As time ticks on, we have more exposure to things that impact our health emotionally and physiologically. The sooner we address ailments, or issues, the better. Youth tend to respond more quickly to the treatment because there are less layers of toxins, belief systems, and 'life experience' they've been through.